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Dirleton Primary School's Monthly Newsletter will now be available on the village website.
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Queensberry Planning Application for Castlemains site now lodged with Council.
This can now be viewed on the council website. Click here to view..
The application has not taken any account of the Dirleton Expects More document .The DVA meeting of Thursday 18th January explained the current situation. A mailing is currently being prepared to be delivered to all village homes later this week with a full description of the DVA's response and urging as many residents as possible to send in their own responses to the Planning Department. The deadline for responses is 9th February 2018.
Queensberry have more or less, adopted the former CALA designs, by using the same Architects. During the pre-application community consultation period, a detailed, alternative scheme was produced for the DVA - Dirleton Expects More - that meets all of the Local Development Plan’s design guidelines for the site. However, in spite of this hard work, this place-making has been ignored. And this is in spite of the fact that this type of community-led activity is going to be a requirement under new planning legislation that will likely be in place next year. In other words, we were ahead of the curve and still ignored!
It suggests that what we are ‘hearing on the grapevine’ from other rural communities is true: The current community consultation requirement is meaningless and just a box ticking exercise. Our experience is, I suspect, one of very many examples where consultation results are ignored by both applicants and Council officials.

Castlemains Development Background.
Following the withdrawal of CALA Homes during 2017, a new developer, Queensberry Property, presented their proposals for the Castlemains site to the DVA at an open meeting on 24th August. They then made a formal public consultation presentation of proposals in the Open Arms on 7th September. The DVA committee then prepared a response document, called Dirleton Expects More. This was then discussed at a DVA meeting on 28th September and adopted subject to certain changes. The revised document was then circulated to all DVA members using the group emailing system. Click here to see the current version of Dirleton Expects More, v2a. The document is currently open for full community feedback from both DVA members and non-members, and all comments are welcomed. Please forward to the chairman, Derek Carter, at'

What would Dirleton like if the Lime Grove site in North Berwick could be bought for the Coastal Community?
There is a current urgent attempt being made to persuade East Lothian Council to support a community buy-out of this site. There are a wide range of proposals for the site ranging from arts-based community uses to health care provision to affordable housing. The organisers of this initiative would like to know what the local community would like from such a site. Click here to give your views in a short survery.

The Cycle Group is now meeting each Friday at the earlier time of 12 noon, due to the fading winter light levels. All welcome.