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Draft of the New Development Plan for East Lothian & CALA & Muir Homes Proposals

This draft was approved by the ELC in November 2015, and has now been superceded by the latest draft.
Following the major consultation which took place a year ago on the Main Issues Report (MIR) for East Lothian in which the DVA and the community council participated fully, the draft of the new Local Development Plan (LDP) has been published. A final draft is due to be published, probably rather later than expected in August 2016 for a final consultation. It confirms the designation of land for some 10,000 new housing units across the county as suggested in the MIR, of which 665 are identified within the North Berwick council ward. The only designated site in Dirleton is at Castlemains Place, which was identified in the MIR as a ‘preferred’ site, suitable for a development of about 30 housing units. The other site in the village referred to in the MIR was one at Foreshot Terrace/Ware Road, identified as a ‘reasonable alternative’ site, suitable for a development of 21 housing units. As with other locations, only the 'preferred site' was carried forward into the draft LDP. In its response to the MIR, the DVA stated that there were divergent views within the village as to which of these two sites should be preferred, with no clear consensus of opinion. A number of other sites in the village were examined by the Council as candidate development sites, but were rejected by them as a result of their evaluation process.
The LDP was approved by the Council at the November 2015 meeting, subject to a number of mostly minor amendments, none of which directly affect Dirleton. It is now being updated to reflect these amendments and to include a number of detailed technical reports. It will then be the subject of further consultation before being submitted to the Scottish government for approval. That stage is likely to be reached late in 2016 or during 2017. The DVA and the community council will continue to monitor the position. CALA homes have confirmed that they have development proposals for the Castlemains site, and Muir Homes have confirmed development proposals for the Foreshot Terrace/Ware Road site. Both these proposals are likely to be submitted to ELC in June or July 2016. These plans will be subject to consultation in the usual way.